Laszlo Harasztosi spiritual healer

Laszlo Harasztosi was born in a small village in Eastern Hungary in 1963. His abilities were apparent quite early but he had to keep them a secret in the socialist era. Since the change of regime, during the last decade and a half, he has been able to go public and everyone in need could experience his miraculous abilities.

It was at his age of seven when his family members discovered that, at the touch of his hand, pains disappeared and they felt lighter, active and relaxed. This "treatment" worked the same way with relatives, acquaintances and friends. They were healed one after the other and they got rid of their torturing pains, of whatever nature they had been. As word got around, others started to contact him with their problems. People described by doctors as incurable became healthy again in large numbers. Due to the wonderful experiences of acquaintances, they were able to believe in their recovery.

Laszlo Harasztosi is a chosen person and it is not his claim. His deeds prove much more. He is able to collect the energies present in space around him and to focus them into the energetic system of another person. There have been many to experience in person what it means to directly connect powers up to date unknown and how the real, pure cosmic energy truly works. This is how he helps people recover even from such diseases whose healing medicine cannot undertake.

The psychic causes no pain or stress to his neighbour tormented anyway. There is no need to take off one's clothes, queue up for various examinations, or travel between different medical institutions. The psychic focuses the cosmic energy coming from God to the appropriate location and the healing begins right away. Of course, this treatment needs to be repeated a couple of times since the method is mild but it liberates enormous energies.

Laszlo Harasztosi has been possessing this ability since the time of his birth. Later on, he acquired from scientific medicine all he needs for the exact healing. Besides, he studied energetics and manual therapy. With their application as necessary, he can heal any kind of disease with great efficiency.

Many only believe their eyes so sometimes he holds shows and presentations about the other effects of the enormous energies. This was how he was included in The Gu World Book of Records. With his programmes, he can convince everyone of the existence of the invisible energies, independently of whether they believe in them or not.

However, he primarily uses his abilities, recognized in his childhood and continuously trained since then, for healing.

News of the psychic's skills has flown far away and, as a result, he has healed people in several European countries, Canada and the United States. As a permanent guest of radio programmes, he has done "remote healings" as well.

An extraordinary person blessed with special, unique abilities, whose wonders are proven by thousands of people who survived various diseases and recovered completely – including those who wouldn't be among the living any more without his help. The one who has given back their most precious treasure to multitudes: their health.

A non-exhaustive list of the cured diseases:

  • Kidney diseases
  • Tumours and cancer
  • Liver diseases
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Cysts and myomas
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack problems
  • Paralysis caused by apoplexy
  • Allergic diseases
  • Asthma
  • Diseases of respiratory organs
  • Internal diseases
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Chronic skin diseases, eg psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Thrombosis
  • Joint deficiencies, arthralgia
  • Immune system problems
  • Metabolism problems
  • Hearing problems
  • Visual disturbances
  • Depression
  • Phobias


Selected passages from more than thousand cases

She carried it off

It started as a simple childbirth, but finally it has become into a cancer. Of course not immediately. It needed 20 years. Ildikó has already given birth to two other children meanwhile.

The recovery of the wound- that came into being after the last childbirth - was examined by her doctor regularly. He has also treated it, but the trouble didn't want to stop anyhow. Once happened the notice that seemed to be unbelievable: the woman has got uterine tumor. It was namely uterine carcinoma. It seemed that it was discovered in time because there weren't any metastasis. Ildikó was 45 years old so she didn't take it into her one shoulder, and she knew that she didn't have much time to think on. She had no doubt about the things that has been writing for her. Spasms, indispositions and the surgical knife. Not too beautiful prospects. She knew what kind of destruction would be caused by the synthetic medicine in her organism, so she asked her doctor to wait some days.

She heard that the biggest Hungarian paraphenomen, Laszlo had already helped in more such kind of cases. Now it was the time of experiences. As more of her acquaintances have already visited Lazlo hoping for balm for their many kinds of troubles, she has also risen and set off.

She has already known the wonderful talent of the paraphenomen by hearing, and now she has also experienced it. She hoped that not only her boss's prostate problems, her old classmate's barrenness and her aunt's lung- cancer have been succeeded to cure with some treatment. Maybe she neither have to part with the main proof of her woman nature - with her womb and its connected parts.

So she stepped into the surgery trushing. After the first 3-4 treatments the tumor became less visibly. Her doctor wondered at it because Ildikó didn't get any medicines, then what is this improvement from? Well he really wondered when the tumor has totally disappeared.

For that she needed only 10 treatments. Finally he rejoiced with his patient and he noted down the case to the longer and longer of the strange recoveries.

To give back something

As it is known by everybody Hepatitis virus infection can be prevented by hypodermic treatment. At least its A and C type. but we cannot do too much against the most serious, the B type. Or still can do?

Anikó "succeeded in" to get a hepatitis infection. But she really got frightened when she knew how dangerous is the B- type. A tumor came into being on her liver and it grew larger.

At the age of 39 we are not ready for taking our life into account, but she has lived hardly a little. However it seemed that it is waiting for the woman. She wasn't cheerful too much, but her family consoled her. Her elder son took interest in esoteria.

Laszlo Harasztosi the world-wide famous Hungarian paraphenomen occurred to him. He has already read and heard about a lot of successful curing of him. So he took his mother along to him, whether he can help her as so many other people. After the first three treatment the laboratory results haven't shown any change. But the boy trusted in the paraphenomen very much. But his mother trusted in her recovering less and less. It is true that the growing of the tumor slowed down, but it was poor solace.

Well the result appeared soon. Not entirely on the way as they have thought, but it was also good. The tumor didn't disappeared namely, but its growth has stopped. And the woman's doctors saw that a limy cover was taking around it. So to say it becomes encap. This process seemed to finish at the 10th treatment. It has happened for 5 years. Anikó is brilliant since then with the tumor in her body. She neither have to be on a dict for medical command.

She became vegetarian so she is on a diet without any medical commands. It is true that she often invites Laszlo Harasztosi - when he is near - for a good lunch that she makes. As a good vegetarian she blesses the meal. She may thanks God for her health that she has got back. Or she perhaps want to give back something to the paraphenomen from the thing that she has got from him.

Did it Help?

Peter felt that his out of air more and more. He was 54 years old but it doesn't offer reason for such a quick change, so he visited his doctor who transferred him to a consultation by specialists. It was established here that he has got a tumor - as big as a child's fist - in his lung.

It has already spread over to the liver and kidney. The doctors informed him that their knowledge has reached the end of it. In spite of it the man was in a good physical condition.

Perhaps because his biggest problem wasn't his tumor. His wife has died in cancer for two years and her elder daughter has also died for a year; some days after her child was born. His younger daughter took upon herself to keep the family together and she was also kept the spirit in her father. She was also the first who visited Lazlo Harasztosi paraphenomen. She has heard about him, that he has also cured more difficult cases successfully. It was truly because he helped hundreds of people and only to believe in life again, but to live it healthy.

So happened that the father went to the paraphenomen's surgery. He didn't really believe in it, and what is more, Laszlo Harasztosi told him: "If God helps then the cycle of tragedies can be interrupted." But Peter couldn't have been called a religious person by his acquaintances. But his daughter didn't let her father to perish. She almost dragged him along to the treatments in the fixed time. Peter met there such kind of people who were in more serious situation than he was, and some shocking recovering has happened almost in front of his eyes. Of course not immediately but as he has mixed more time in the waiting room of the surgery he has experienced one thing and another.

He started to believe that he can also recover, because he felt: he needs for his left family very much.

In the meantime one day he got up and he felt better. Hope was dawning for him. He was sure that something big has happened. He regained new strength and he picked up some kilos.

First they thought that there was some mistake, or it is a bad joke, but Peter affirmed that it was really him who was standing in front of them. He was healthy.

The tumor has disappeared without leaving a trace. Then nothing was left to him but the unpleasant memories about indispositions and the pleasure that he can be with his motherless son- in- law day after day. And the child looks his grandfather - who has came back from the throat of death - with glistening eyes since then.

He doesn't know yet, he only feels that things settled down somehow.

One from two

Aunt Marta went to the doctor because of the brasion and calcification of her bone. The doctor told her that there were no other possibilities: he can help only with the plantation of a hip protesis. But he would have done it only two years later. The 64 years old lady couldn't receive this reporting with happiness, because her pains increased slowly but surely. So she looked for another possibility. In one of the county newspapers she read about Laszlo Harasztosi, she thought that she has nothing to lose, so she visited him personally. It wasn't easy for her, because she went with two sticks, more precisely she dragged herself along. When she arrived at the surgery the treatment has started. Her pains have already decreased to a great extent after the first half hour. The constant pains have decreased after some treatments, as she says it smarts a little only when there is change in the weather but it is endurable easily. It seems that it will decrease later. She accepts her doctor's suggestion about the operation henceforward, but according to her the two years until the building in of the protesis will already be endurable. Now only one stick helps her in walking and she knows that she will recover soon after the operation, because Laszlo Harasztosi has also prepared her for it.

And the protesis will solve her problems for a long term.


Károly had some problems with his prostate. The pains first broke out for 5-6 years. After the examination at the hospital, his doctor did what the doctors.

usually do when they has reached the end of their knowledge: he introduced his patient to a surgeon. The 48 years old man didn't want to do this thing in too great hurry. He has looked for other possibilities. First he visited a phytotherapeuta, who gave him different decoction of herbs. The herbs have taken effect but they weren't quick enough. The increase of the pains slowed down. He visited Laszlo Harasztosi's surgery with his wife. While the woman was sitting in the waiting room, Laszlo Harasztosi was working with on her husband. He was a little frightened when the pain that stopped during the treatment, came back after it, but stopped in a short time.

When he stepped out from the surgery, first he glimpsed his wife's wider smile. Because while he was treated by Harasztosi, at his wife stopped the migrainous headache that has tortured her continuously for years and for which nobody could have used sound cure.