Improving sportspeople’s achievement

Every sportsperson likes to win and I, with the special abilities and knowledge in my possession, can help the representatives of any kind of sport to success! The method is secret but its use doesn’t violate any regulation. What is more, the superb accomplishments will be attributed by all exclusively to them.
There is often but a thousandth of a percent deciding between a winner and a loser and everybody tries to prepare the most precisely and most thoroughly and to optimize their achievement – sometimes even by using illegal and harmful drugs. My method is completely legal, risk-free, and it even improves health.
I regularly charge the chosen sportsperson or team with focused cosmic energy during the preparation period. I gain the energy directly from the space around me and I recharge the energy storages of the sportsperson’s body with it. By using physical training methods, these energy storages can only be charged to a small degree and over a long time. Direct energy transfer provides accumulation with a higher amount of energy in a shorter time.
Of course, traditional training is also necessary, when the sportsperson recharges his or her energy storages from inside. Unfortunately, they can only store and control their energy to a small degree and indirectly so much of it will be lost for them. The rest, however, will be continuously applied so a certain time is necessary for the appropriate charge level.
As a result of my method, sportspeople or team members feel that while at other times they were at the ultimate limits of their strength with the same effort, now they still have reserves which are easily enough at the finish of the competition or to complete the attack. They are simply quicker than anyone; they throw the sports equipment farther or use it more precisely. The difference is not very big but exactly enough to win the competition or match. One can always reach the result suited to the kind of sport since it is the intentions of the given sportsperson that evoke and control the energies. They are fully available at their disposal when they are required. The sportsperson feels and knows that he or she has reserves and sufficient energy and they learn how to use them. Without having to pay special attention, they can achieve such things that win laurels to them as well as to their team.
The energy recharge I do makes muscles more flexible and enduring, it shortens response time and assures the opportunity for a greater effort in every aspect. Body cells are enabled to take more oxygen and they make better use of nutrients. They improve the general physical condition as well as the spiritual approach.
The method is also effective in the treatment of injuries unavoidable when doing sports. They can be cured much faster and more painlessly with my help and if some medical or surgical treatment is needed, they also shorten the duration of healing and trainings can be restarted sooner. I can effectively help those problems as well where usual medicine cannot work with the appropriate efficacy. My method accelerates all kinds of regeneration, not only that of injuries but the one after the exhaustion caused by the training or the competition. Sportspeople can train more efficiently, they won’t be overtrained and they can experience a better and faster recreation and regeneration. I also help in timing the record-breaking form so that the most important competition or match should find the competitor or team in the best possible form.
Of course, this method doesn’t only work in the case of sportspeople. If one needs some extra energy to complete his or her task, anyone can be similarly recharged with energy.
Contact me if you feel you would like to achieve more, if you have had enough of the “wonder methods” of training, if you can’t get ahead of your rivals, or if you are always missing the desired place of the winners’ stand. What I know is extraordinary indeed.

I am involved in recharging energy in sportspeople and teams. With the help of this method, psychic and physical endurance and stamina can be improved with 30-40%, or 60-80% in some individuals. Supplementing the medical treatment, I can provide effective help with my rehabilitation treatment: a recovery of 3-4 months can be reduced to as little as 2 or 3 weeks. It is not uncommon for players that they cannot hold on in terms of psyche for the whole time of the match; however, I have been able to eliminate this problem with the teams I treated: they provided a 100% performance and they won. It is important to note that it is no dope, it cannot be shown in the body since all I do is recharge the lost amount of energy.

I have numerous references with regard to individuals as well as teams. I have also prepared Olympic and world champions to competitions: they succeeded and they still count on my help; I have references to them as well. Besides preparing sportspeople and teams for competitions, I do healings first of all and I appear in psychic shows worldwide.

I would like to ask for an appointment in person in order to show you this talent of mine. I am ready to let my ability be tested. You are free to contact the coaches and players I have successfully co-operated with up to now.

Dear Mr Harasztosi!

Dear László,

I would like to thank you in this way as well for your help on the way to the Olympics! My finalist ranking at the Grand Prix competition in Plovdiv was a great step for me!
We have known each other for a short time, but you gave me evidence, and I believe you duly deserved the nickname “Magician”!
I admit I had some doubts at the beginning, but when you first started to recharge me with energy (it was an inexplicable, strange feeling) it completely debunked them!
I hope we can successfully cooperate on the long run, and I am certainly going to recommend you to my friends and fellow sportspeople in the future!

In short: FANTASTIC!!!!
Thank you,Tamás Decsi World and European champion Hungarian sabre fencer

It was my water polo player friend Zsolt Petõváry who helped me contact the Magician. I made an appointment by phone and we met.

I told him my complaint; he immediately set to work, and before I realized what was happening, I felt some strange kind of warmth and calmness. We were talking but he was – I assume – working at the same time. Several topics emerged; it was especially good for me to have a chat about things that concerned me. We spent together about an hour the first time and I took the metro full of self-confidence, with a swelling chest; I walked, avoiding the nuisance of Budapest transport. My thoughts flittered and raced around; I asked myself if I would ever get home.

Eventually, I managed to but I was overcome by a strange sense of clairvoyance, which is still continuously present in me, and which I perceive like rejuvenation and activity. We met again in two days: the Magician started to treat my Long Gun (Catherine). Unfortunately, the three years spent in fitness came out as hernia on her spine, neck, and belly. Knee bend and bench press are not very healthy with a weight of 60 kg. She had seen all the specialists in Budapest; she had taken the MRI of the skull, the neck, and the spine – we had all the imaginable results. The diagnosis: double spinal hernia on the lumbar section, disease of the intervertebral discs on the whole length of the spine, and there were protrusions, anticipating hernia, visible at five spots on the neck section. These involve very unpleasant symptoms and they are extremely stressing to the psyche of such patients.
When the treatment was over (the improvement is still noticeable; her mood changed in a positive way) my energy recharge followed!

He stuck all the heavy objects accessible in the flat on me, with his special, innate talent. An iron, a wok, a complete electric épée, a marble chessboard weighing 7.70 kg, a hatchet, an axe, an adjustable spanner, a laptop, remote controls etc; he transferred the energy with his hand. He who doesn’t believe it should see it for himself: – I recommend it!
Next day I went angling in the early morning and I was astonished to realize that my production, only dribbling beforehand, transformed into a forceful water jet. I showed it to my fellow anglers: just like when I was a youngster, it’s going well, even up to the first floor, not only towards the cellar!

I feel like our relationship has evolved into a friendship. It was not only my physical problems but also the spiritual ones that became lighter and lighter. I wrestled with the world every night, I was attacked by terrible dreams and fears; now they completely avoid me, they have left me, maybe they haunt others who deserve them more than I do.

Wherever my fate should take me, I profess among sportspeople and artists: man and nature are dependent on each other, nature must not be spoiled for the sake of sordid financial or whatever interests. Sports physicians should not be afraid for their jobs because of their financial goals or jealousy; they should be a supportive partner – but if they aren’t, they should at least sometimes practise self-criticism...!
The reason why I had to write it here is because it is closely related to my healing, and anyway: if the shoe fits, wear it...

Thank you, Magician!!!
Zoltán “Cérna” Székely, fencing world champion

Sportsman Sándor Németh (Nyiba)
Until you really need to, you won’t believe in miracles. As long as you are healthy, you tend to acknowledge stories of famous healings done by shamans of the 20th century, practitioners of alternative medicine, with a careless shrug or, in the best case, an indulgent smile. And when the tragedy does happen, when traditional medicine helplessly opens its arms before human existence falling apart in disease, the mind, so rational until that time, would cling to the straw holding out even the faintest hope of healing, be it of whatever origin.

I also belonged for a long time among those who only believe in things that are scientifically proven and tangible – until that sad winter day arrived, when nothing else remained to me, either, in my utter despair but that certain straw...

In early 1994, my father was taken to hospital with a serious stroke. His motor and speech centres were completely paralyzed, his bowels stopped working, and he showed no life signs apart from some non-rhythmic breathing. His doctors – although they did their best, as far as possible, to cure him – soon informed us, his children standing around his bed anxiously and in tears, that there was no hope at all for his survival.

I already knew László Harasztosi at that time. He helped for a short while at the national freestyle wrestling team, where I still function as a leading trainer, in curing competitors’ injuries by energy transfer. When I learnt about my father’s critical health condition, I saw László, who was ready to help us immediately despite the late night hour. We drove to the spot and my father received the first bioenergetic treatment on that very night, several hundred kilometres away from Budapest. His bowels started working again on the next day and he didn’t need a catheter any more. After a couple of treatments, his tongue started to speak, he recognized us and slowly he regained his strength, to the extent that today, two years after his grave illness, he is able to look after himself – as much as a man of 81 can do so – with the help of my two sisters living in my native village.

There is an old saying that misfortunes never come singly. It was still in the same year that another tragedy happened: my brother-in-law passed away in a sudden and unexpected way. Everyone in the family was staggered by the young and ever so cheerful man’s death, but it was especially his mother who could not get over the tragedy and she was overcome by a very bad mental and nervous state. In spite of the immense quantity of sleeping pills and tranquillizers, she was unable to close her eyes, even for a short time, for several nights. We called László for help, and due to the energy he transferred, my mother-in-law was at last able to sleep over the whole night that day.

It was also László who treated my eldest sister affected by cancer, and her state positively improved due to the alternative medication. And it was also him we sought help from when my American Staffordshire dog was infected by the parvovirus, the dreadful plague of dogs, at the age of nine weeks. I believe László had much part in the dog’s survival until this day as a favourite of the family, first of all my little daughter. The above cases taught me not only to believe in things that can be perceived experimentally and empirically. I was able to see for myself the healing, often miraculous power of bioenergy.

Sándor Németh
head coach of the Hungarian national freestyle wrestling team