Psychic show – an encounter with the supernatural.

My name is Laszlo Harasztosi and I live in Hungary, a small country in Europe. I am known by many for my special features, which I have shown in several European and American countries, apart from my homeland. Based on the abilities I was given from the Creator, I am called a psychic. I am a multiple World record holder as the psychic with the highest cosmic energy. I am asked at a number of scientific, esoteric and spiritual seminars and other festivals to make the event more splendid with my special programme. My show is very spectacular and entertaining and at the same time quite astonishing. The audience can see things that appear as incredible and I enable them not only to see them but also to experience them in person. People kept speaking about my previous shows even years later and sometimes they want to watch the production again and show it to those who missed it last time. One of my standard feats is tool-sticking, when I place various objects on the upper body of a few people and I "stick" them there with my energy. The tools can be made of whatever material. I usually use cutlery and small household devices (like an iron). One can move in this state. It makes the utensils knock against each other, which – they generally being made of metal – creates a clink sound and usually causes hilarity. The utensils stay stable on the bare skin so the participants are supposed to strip to the waist. It is a great success if there are ladies among the subjects – of course, in swimsuits. Mass psychosis and hypnosis is even more impressive and convincing, during which I stick chosen people to their seats or I make them stand up despite their will, with my mental energy. They are only able to stand up or sit down upon my direction. I can similarly make them fall from a standing position. I am also able to make those in the audience fall left and right, even if I am not present in person but I give instructions far away from the venue of the event. On my direction, people start to imitate various sounds, sing, or speak about the topic I specified. The duration of my shows is typically one hour. With my special, truly unique programmes, I have had several shows and many a TV recording.

The direct road to the World Record's Book

The special ability possessing Laszlo Harasztosi is preparing to disprove the world record. He had disproved his world record of 51,20 kg set up in 1993 later with the presently effective record of 57,64 kg. Now he would like to raise this above 66 kg. For this, he is seeking for a partner in Hungary, who is able to support the weight of more than 66 kg placed on his chest.

Laszlo Harasztosi is one of those few paraphenomenons in the world who can overpower the gravitation by bioenergy. He uses effectively his congenital special ability for healing as well.

The special ability of Laszlo Harasztosi was observed at age seven by his parents and relatives. In an unbelievable way the pains elapsed by the touch of his hand. He uses his ability recognized in his childhood and permanently maintained since than primarily for healing.

In the wake of his hands many, previously incurable people become again healthy.

He is able to collect around himself the energies present in the space and to focus them to other people's energetic system. Many people could experience personally, what means to get in touch with previously unknown powers, how the real, clear, cosmic energy works in effect.

The diseases are caused by the upset of the body's energy system. The paraphenomenon is able to restore this overbalanced energy system within a short time. The patient feels himself better even after the first treatment, but for sake of an enduring result, the treatment must be repeated for several times.

This special, painless treatment has effect after a few occasions. Although the treatment is gentle, is able to liberate huge energies.

However, the final aim of Laszlo Harasztosi is not only this, but the total recovery. Thus, he helps the recovery even from such diseases, which are incurable by the present medical science.

He learned from the traditional medicine all he needs for appropriate healing, and beside he had energetic and manual therapy studies as well. Using these as needed he can very effectively heal any kind of disease.

The fame of the paraphenomenon passed the borders and because of this, he had healed already in Canada, America and several European countries.

Many people believe only what he sees, thus sometimes he performs shows to demonstrate the other effects of these huge energies. Thus, he entered the Book of world records too. With his shows, he can convince everybody of the existence of the unseen energies, irrespectively if man believes in it or not.

Those interested in the person or the activity of Laszlo Harasztosi can find further information on the website.

Besides the healing Laszlo Harasztosi is waiting now the registration of strong men, to choose either of them the partner, who will cooperate in the setting of the new record.

For registration – those too, who want to recover – please write us an e-mail.

Budapest, on 25.09.2011.


"At his wave, people fall over, the people who sit in the auditorium, bend forward, then they suddenly lean over to the side. They don't do this of their own choice. The magician plays. Then, the audience starts performing. The magician shows his knowledge. This is a show. A hypnotic show. The skeptics experienced it themselves. Highlighting more forces of nature -with physicians present - that these forces do exist, no matter how. In the first part of the programme, the magician stuck video-tapes, forks, knives, spoons and all kinds of things to the volunteers. To their bare chests. Males. Many of them started to claim the roles of women, but unfortunately it wasn't given to the expectant segment of the audience. After a while a whole pantry made a fine show, being stuck to the volunteer's chest. Finally, a few clocks found space for themselves on the living magnet. Then a thorough examination followed, to ensure, that only a field of force was employed, nothing else. The hypnotist asked for more volunteers. He put them into a trance. It can be fun to be a hypnotist. I was watching. Beautiful ladies fell into Harasztosi's arms when he sank his glance into their third eye.- The third eye is namely invisible, and it is seated between the two visible ones. The third eye is our receptor for sensing signals and vibrations hidden from all our other senses.- The show continued. The hypnotist asked his mediums to take a seat, but no chairs to sit down... the volunteers promptly landed on their bottoms. Then, they were not able to stand up... then ... Laszlo Harasztosi froze them into statues. Then the statues changed into marionette figures dancing to the sweet-sad melody floating from behind the wings- and the audience applauded..."

(quotation from the Kurir newspaper)

In the 1993 issue of the World Book of Records, we can find a curious entry about Laszlo Harasztosi. This is the second time he is in this book, the first time was in 1991 issue. He is an unequalled phenomenon in the world, who defeated gravity with his energy.

He proved this, by affixing some weights onto peoples' bodies while standing straight (usually onto their chests, as in his shows), held only by his energy. His record was 50,1kg in 1991, he broke it in 1993, with 51,2 kg.

Of course such weights can not be supported by just anybody. He had some helpful people setting up his records. One of them was János Tóth, a wrestler, and the other one was Laszlo Fekete the "Strong Man", who is among the strongest men of the world. These are enormous weights. Just to look at them, makes one break out in sweat. It isn't easy to keep them on an almost vertical surface (almost, because the chest is convex) with his energy. World has admitted to the talents of Harasztosi. Of course he also needed some practice. But there are many kinds of people mostly with average physical capacity and stamina on the collaboration from the rows of the audience. They could have been knocked down the world recorder weight, so he only decorates them with some kinds of instruments that get into his hands. here not the weight counts but the spectacle. Because these individuals look well "harnessed". And they move with the weights, clink them to each other, they come and go. At the time of reaching world record the participants kept hitting the weights several times and so they could prone in front of notary public that those really stick to their body.

The present- day record is 57,64 KGs. Of course he keeps it also, and nobody could excel it yet. Probably he will be owner of the next record himself in this category.

But don't think that there wasn't anybody who wanted to beat his records. There are more paraphenomens and bioenergetics, and some of them are world- famous. But they could neither excel the records, but more of them has tried it. "He is the one who cures the paralyzed and makes healthy people paralytic with laughter", wrote Imre Payer, co-editor of Kurir newspaper about him. "The latter lasts for a short time, but the earlier is perpetual. Mostly for life.

"People usually believe things they see. It is one reason why I work with my shows. To make people fall down, stand up, and do a lot of things, that is mass hypnosis. But there are other beneficial sides of this. I use it in healing, if need be, with great success."

And what is more, he is able to assist people not only face to face, with the help of this endless cosmic energy, but also from afar. It is sufficient to give out the command only in spirit and systems respond. And the forces are, clean and natural. Pure.

"An enormous strength of energy needs to be used

for healing in the first place, but there is also scope for different public roles"

- a quotation from an interview published in a UFO magazine.